Chromatic FM: A new way to radio; You say "jump", We say "how loud?"; Every color in the musical spectrum; All that and a bag of radio; No algorithms, Just Humans; It’s what’s for dinner; The best thing since sliced radio; Music in the key of you; Radio with Personality

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What We Do

anywhere. anytime.

Away from the age of boring, repetitive, commercial-interrupted, & algorithm-controlled radio. Chromatic FM is a platform for tastemakers & listeners to connect & share content they're currently jammin' to. In just a few taps, start your own channel or interact with curated stations, dug-up by music lovers & tune into fresh picks from the people. Leave the machines behind & join the radio revolution.

Be a Listener

Tune in to unique stations, hand-curated by people like you.

Tap into a channel with your friends

Interact & chat with broadcasters & other listeners.

Be a Broadcaster

Create & build your own following.

Broadcast your favorite music, sports, talk, news, & more with the

Fostering communities with your show, when you want it.

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